What is Jazz Creators Online?

We are a group of jazz streamers and enthusiasts devoted to the promotion of the online jazz scene.

We originated as a coordinated effort to organize a celebration event on Twitch to commemorate International Jazz Day on April 30th 2022. Our goals quickly grew as more people joined the team and brought fresh ideas and talent.

Our main goals are:

  • To coordinate a celebration of International Jazz Day online every year.
  • To promote the jazz streaming scene and help independent musicians get more visibility.

We hope to become a meeting point between jazz musicians and enthusiasts. It’s our goal to help streamers promote their art; to create new bonds and synergies between communities and streamers by organizing events during the year showcasing online jazz around the world.

We are a group of volunteers doing this for the love of Jazz. Currently we are running everything under our own funding–we are not affiliated with any party or business. Our purpose is not to take benefit from the streamers in any way. Due to this we will never ask streamers for money, nor will our channel become a Twitch affiliate. Any credit and publicity we get for organizing the event will be used to help promote new ones and thus help streamers get even better results.

Everyone is welcome to become a part of our community, but you are not expected to do so in order to be featured in our events! It will always be something optional. We want you to join only because you believe in the same things we do.

We would like to conclude by giving our thanks to all those streamers that have already put their trust in us and are participating or supporting this effort.

Watch this site for more!